Leo Sorel's passion for photography has drawn him to a wide range of subjects. As a freelance photojournalist working for The New York Times, USA Today, Newsday, and the Los Angeles Times, among other publications, he has covered everything from political events and hockey games to jazz concerts and portraiture of film and television stars like Nick Nolte, Sarah Jessica Parker and Snoop Dogg.

[LEO SOREL]Born and raised in New York City, Sorel graduated from the High School of Music and Art in 1979. He began his study of photographic arts as a film student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, which led to a stint on the Mediterranean assisting on promotional films for cruise lines. After the film shoot Leo traveled throughout Europe shooting stills. Inspired by the results, he decided to pursue still photography on a full-time basis.

After completing a B.A. degree in Literature at the State University of New York at Purchase, Leo trained with several commercial photographers in Boston, then returned to New York, where he's worked since 1989. Besides his photojournalism he has undertaken freelance assignments for magazines, book publishers, designers and advertising agencies. His client roster includes New York University, Cooper Union, Trinity Church- Wall Street, publisher Alfred A. Knopf, Crain�s Business New York and the advertising agency - The Tony Isadore Group.

Leo has been greatly influenced by Robert Frank, Arnold Newman and Henri Cartier-Bresson, as well as by New York photographer James Salzano, an early friend and mentor. During the past several years Leo has refined his style and honed his craft. Much of his free time is devoted to portraiture of well-known New Yorkers such as Jules Feiffer, Al Hirschfeld, Milton Glaser, and Robert Caro. Leo's wife Suzanne Nowikas, a music therapist, and sons Walter and Adam serve as frequent models.

Leo has a unique ability to capture a moment in time, a scene, a face, or an emotion with wit and sensitivity. His images convey artistic vision balanced with technical flair and expertise.